"When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will"

Frederic Bastiat

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"Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual). 
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Ayn Rand

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​​US Congress Texas 37th District

Clark Patterson is a fervent proponent of philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and recommends all of her fiction and nonfiction books and articles, such as Atlas ShruggedThe Fountainhead, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, and Philosophy: Who Needs It.

Clark Patterson is a staunch adherent of economist Ludwig von Mises’ Austrian school of economics, which promotes ending the Federal Reserve System and replacing it with 100 percent private, free market money. Clark Patterson recommends Mises' books such as
Human Action and Theory of Money and Credit.

 To combat the current US federal debt of $30.8 trillion and the current US unfunded liabilities of $210 trillion, Clark Patterson ardently advocates, at a minimum, the following twelve (12) Libertarian proposals:

 1.) Phase Out All Entitlement Programs, Such As Social Security, Medicare, And Medicaid, With All Deliberate Speed
 2.) Repeal The Affordable Care Act [Obamacare] And Replace It With A Completely Free Market Health Care System
 3.) Cut At Least 75 Percent Of The Current US Defense Budget
 4.) End The Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan, Withdraw From NATO, Close All Overseas Military Bases, And Maintain A Foreign Policy Of Strict Non-Intervention In The Internal Affairs Of Other Nations
 5.) End The War On Terrorism
 6.) End The War On Drugs
 7.) End The War On Poverty
 8.) Repeal The PATRIOT Act And End Warrantless Wiretapping, Data Mining, And Indefinite Detention Of US Citizens And Non-Citizens
9.) Abolish Draft Registration, The Selective Service System, And Defund AmeriCorps
10.) End Affirmative Action And Discontinue All Efforts By Washington To Classify And Categorize Americans On The Basis Of Race, Class, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, And National Origin
11.) Phase Out All Federal Aid To Primary, Secondary, And Higher Education
12.) End The Federal Reserve System, Abolish Fractional Reserve Banking, Repeal All Legal Tender Laws, And Introduce A 100 Percent Gold Dollar

Because Clark Patterson fervently believes that economic wealth is not finite and that people create far more resources than they consume, Clark Patterson proudly supports the following eight (8) Libertarian recommendations:

1.) Strongly Supports Complete Free Trade With All Nations (Opposes All Sanctions, Tariffs, And Import And Export Restrictions Of Any Kind Between The US And Any Other Nation)
2.) Strongly Opposes The Idea That Countries Compete Against Other Countries. Trading With Economically Strong Nations Like China And India Significantly Raises The Standard Of Living Of All Americans. These Nations Are Not A Threat To The US.
3.) Strongly Supports Greatly Increasing The Legal Level Of Immigration
4.)  Ardently Rejects US Economic
Independence In Favor Of Economic Interdependence Between The US And All Other Nations, Including Canada, Mexico, China, And India
5.) Strongly Supports Outsourcing And Offshoring Of Jobs [In Order For New US Jobs To Be Created, Old Jobs Must Be Discontinued]
6.) Strongly Opposes “Bringing Back” US Manufacturing Jobs [Bringing Back Old Manufacturing Jobs Would Require Terminating New High Tech Jobs, Leading To US Economic Regression]
7.) Strongly Opposes The Idea That Any American Worker, Including One With A College Degree, Has The Right To A 40-Year, High-Paying Job With Automatic, Annual Salary Increases, Regardless Of What That Job Is Worth In A Free Market Economy

8.) Strongly Supports Introducing The Profit-And-Loss Motive And The Price System Of Supply-And-Demand Into All Sectors Of The Economy -- Including Health Care, Education, And Energy

​​​​​While I certainly welcome political contributions to my campaign, I place my congressional candidacy in its proper perspective. For every dollar that you wish to contribute to my campaign, please contribute $20 to an organization that promotes Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism [e.g. the Ayn Rand Institute (https://www.aynrand.org/ )or The Atlas Society ( https://atlassociety.org/ ) and $10 to an organization that promotes Ludwig von Mises' Austrian school of economics [e.g. the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( https://mises.org/)] or $10 to an organization that promotes political and economic freedom [e.g. the Cato Institute ( https://www.cato.org/ ) and the Texas Public Policy Foundation ( https://www.texaspolicy.com/)]. Please do contribute!

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