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​​US Congress Texas 31st District

Since many Texans today don’t agree with a lot of the political positions of the two major parties, there are good reasons for Texans to vote third party this year. One reason is that this year’s election in Texas CD 31 will not be close. In a deep red district like Texas Congressional 31, Republican incumbent John Carter will handily win re-election. Consequently, voters in Texas CD 31 who want to send a strong message against incumbent John Carter's big government policies can vote for Libertarian Clark Patterson for Congress, without worrying that their third party vote will throw the election to whoever the Democrats nominate.

When voting on Nov. 3, 2020, voters in Texas Congressional District 31 should remember that Democrats and Republicans today, unlike Libertarians, offer them little more than lip service on the really major long-term issues facing the US, like the $23,336,000,000,000 national debt and our current unfunded liabilities of $210 trillion – problems that Americans will one day have to address. Neither major party today is serious about entitlement reform. When today's millennials reach retirement age, there will be almost nothing left in the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

Again, this year’s congressional race in Texas CD 31 will not be close. Texans should, therefore, utilize the opportunity this year to vote third party by voting Libertarian.